Nano Teeth Whitening Kit

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Removes 10 years of stubborn set-in stains without going to the dentist! Our Magic Teeth Whitening Kit gives you a brilliantly white smile with confidence all year long!

The Patented Nano Tube Technology is an innovative new teeth cleaning product. The sponge strip is composed of super tiny particles. Once moistened it can easily and effectively scrub off and absorb dental plaque and stubborn stains from the tooth surface. 

Solution For:

  • Stained yellow, brown and black teeth
  • caused by coffee, tea, smoking, red wine and other staining habits


  • Patented Nano Tube Technology -  Magically erases and absorbs dental plaque
  • Safe & Effective: Instantly removes stubborn stains without hurting tooth enamel in 1-2 minutes
  • Maximize Whitening -  Cleans teeth allowing whitening gel to better penetrate the enamel
  • Portable Size -  Small and convenient. Easily cleans your teeth anytime, anywhere


  1. Moisten the white sponge strip
  2. Brush each tooth individually up and down with the sponge
  3. Gargle after using
  4. Throw out the used sponge and refill for the next use
  5. Recommended every 15-20 days to reduce dental plaque 

**Instant results can be noted after just the first use.

  • Mild Tartar/Stains: 1 sponge can clean several teeth. Clean each tooth for 20 – 60 seconds
  • Moderate Tartar/Stains: 1 sponge can clean 1 - 2 teeth. Clean each tooth for 1 – 3 minutes
  • Severe Tartar/Teeth Stains: 1 – 3 sponges will clean 1 tooth. Clean each tooth 2 – 3 times 


  • 2 pcs X Pro Nano Teeth Whitening Brush Handle
  • 5 pcs X Pro Nano Teeth Whitening Nano Sponge Brush Head
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